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Rewind Slitter

Jumbo Rewinder


BandBlade. BandBlade was designed to cut down oversized logs of material such as bubblepack, cardboard, cork, rubber, adhesive and non-adhesive foam, cotton and sponge to name only a few. Like other SmartSlitters BandBlade comes with many features that make it simple to use. This machine will accept rolls of material up to 72" wide and 16" in diameter. Power is no problem with BandBlade, as we fit it with a 2HP, 220V, 3-phase motor, complimented by an Allen-Bradley variable-speed frequency drive with forward, reverse and soft-start capabilities. Finally, with BandBlade's optional Rewind Assembly, transferring material from one core to another is no problem.

Predator. Predator is our premier multi-blade rewind slitter, designed to cut and convert an even wider variety of roll-stock materials than Baby. Optional dual blade types and two recovery shafts, plus several patented technologies, make Predator the most precise and most versatile motorized rewind slitter on the market today. Predator offers stationary blades or circular blades: The circular blades allow it to cut foam, felt, rubber, stretchy fabrics, cardboard, and other softer, more delicate materials with great precision, while the stationary blades—made from M2 steel with a Rockwell hardness rating of 72—excel at cutting heavy fabrics, awning and banner material. Predator's twin recovery shafts (standard on most models) further extend its versatility as a rewinder. While many materials require only one recovery shaft, finer materials often rewind better with two recovery shafts. The benefit is that even thin, delicate materials will consistently rewind straight onto their recovery cores. Additionally, when rewinding material, it's important to be able to adjust the back tension of the master roll. Without sufficient back-tension, the blades will not cut the material evenly and accurately. For this reason, Predator not only incorporates a back-tension mechanism, but allows you to adjust the back tension of the master roll very easily: Using the special wrench we supply, you can increase or decrease the back tension of the master roll so that the material coming off the master roll is sufficiently taut. Predator's drive system consists of a Baldor variable-speed, reversible DC motor as well as a Baldor reversible AC motor. Predator's DC motor drives the reduction powertrain that pulls the material from the master log through the cutting blades and onto the recovery shafts. Predator's AC motor drives the circular blade shaft at 600rpm.

Sidewinder. One of our customers asked us to design for them a heavy-duty rewinder that could process jumbo logs of duct tape 28 inches (71cm) in diameter and 72 inches (183cm) wide, and weighing well over 1000 pounds (454kg). The result: Sidewinder, a high-capacity rewinder that's easy to use. In fact, there are only three steps. First, to install roll of material onto Sidewinder, simply roll it over Sidewinder's lift cradles. Second, turn the hand crank to lift the material off the floor. (Sidewinder's design eliminates the need for a forklift.) Third, thread the material from the master roll on the main shaft to the empty recovery roll on the rear shaft. And that's all—you're now ready to rewind the roll of material. Sidewinder drives the core shaft with a 3hp, 3-phase motor with variable-speed frequency, forward and reverse drive. Using the Control Panel you can vary the speed at which the material rewinds, while the counter displays how much material has been recovered. The recovery shaft features a sock-nut design that makes removing (and installing) material fast and easy.

“[Our Smart-Slitter] is great.” — Steve Koestler, Letters Unlimited