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Smart technology.

ExpansionRing. ExpansionRing is the 2"-wide (5.1cm) yellow urethane ring at the motor-end of our roll slitters' main shaft, and is used to secure the roll of material to the main shaft. To secure a roll of material, slide it onto the main shaft and flush against the ExpansionRing stop-plate. Then raise the ExpansionRing handle—this causes the ExpansionRing to expand, thereby securing the roll of material from the inside. (Other slitter manufacturers use a lathe-type chuck that grabs the material from the outside. This method of securing and releasing material takes longer (10-30 seconds) and requires tools. ExpansionRing, by contrast, makes securing material fast and easy—it takes just a few seconds, and no extra tools are required.) ExpansionRing also allows for minor discrepancies in 3" (76mm) core diameters.
SlipLock. SlipLock is an aluminum shaft with rubber cords running its length, and is used for securing recovery cores when rewinding or rewind slitting. Just slide the recovery cores onto the SlipLock shaft. SlipLock is kinetically-activated—as soon as the SlipLock shaft starts rotating, the recovery cores will instantly lock in-place. Likewise, when you're finished rewinding and the SlipLock shaft stops rotating, just slide the rolls of recovered material off the shaft. SlipLock's simplicity makes it quick and easy to use: No tools, effort or time are required to install, secure and remove recovery cores.
BladeLock. BladeLock is a simple device that prevents the blade from free-rotating (locked). With BladeLock off, your Genesis or Super slitter will cut the same materials as it always has. With BladeLock on, you can cut many other materials, such as fabrics, films and other special materials. Additionally, BladeLock allows you to make extremely narrow cuts (1mm).
WetBlade. WetBlade is the self-lubricating blade assembly consisting of a circular blade and lubricant resevoir, and is found on all core SmartSlitters. WetBlade's function is to cool and lubricate the blade as it cuts through material. WetBlade has two major benefits: First, it allows our roll slitters to cut even highly-adhesive materials without the blade gumming up, seizing or binding to the material. Second, WetBlade makes clean cuts, preventing material from being burned, torn or otherwise damaged.
WetBladeAuto. WetBladeAuto gives you all the benefits of WetBlade, plus hands-free operation—a pump automatically transfers lubricant from your own container (1, 4, 20 gallons, etc.) to the WetBladeAuto resevoir.
StrongArm. StrongArm is the industrial-grade bearing assembly found on all core SmartSlitters that stabilizes the main shaft while it rotates. The result? Even when turning 150lb-logs at 400RPM, the main shaft rotates smoothly and evenly, resulting in clean, true cuts every time.
TwinCore. TwinCore technology now allows you to change from a standard 3" (76mm) core shaft to a 2" (51mm) shaft in just a couple minutes. No longer will you need to rewind materials from one core to another before performing your cuts. This feature is available on all Super and Genesis SmartSlitters.
OmniSpeed. OmniSpeed is the variable frequency drive found in Super and Enterprise SmartSlitters. Variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, as found in OmniSpeed, uses AC power (single- or 3-phase) to drive an AC motor at variable-speed. Using 3-phase AC power to drive these motors gives you up to three times more power than with DC power—with the added benefit of being able to vary the main shaft's rotation speed. Power is nothing without control: OmniSpeed gives you forward/reverse and soft-start, allowing you to vary speed when rewinding material.
PowerBlade. PowerBlade is a circular blade rotating at 400RPM and powered by a 2HP (1.49kW) motor. With PowerBlade, our slitters can be used to cut soft materials, such as foam, rubber, felt and most fabrics. Depending on which SmartSlitter you're using, the PowerBlade is driven by a shaft, which is driven by a motor with a gear reduction of 4:1. With PowerBlade, you will have more than enough power to cut even difficult materials easily and accurately.
SmartControl. SmartControl is the LCD touchscreen panel that controls Enterprise's operation, including the pneumatics, frequency drives, and all of Enterprise's motors. To make a cut, you use the SmartControl panel to indicate how many cuts you want and at what widths (in inches or centimetres). SmartControl then execute your cutting command. You can likewise have SmartControl cut a roll of material in any combination of widths, and then repeat that cutting command on as many rolls of material as you like. SmartControl gives Enterprise three important advantages over manually-operated roll slitters, such as Super and Genesis. First, SmartControl is precise, giving Enterprise a machine tolerance of less than 0.001" (exact cutting accuracy depends on material). Second, SmartControl makes operation effortless—the operator is freed from positioning the blade, pulling the blade handle, and applying blade lubricant. Third, SmartControl saves time—while it carries out your cutting command, you can package processed material, or work on other jobs.