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Design. Our Engineering Department is continually working on new slitter designs while improving existing products. Our Mechanical Engineers design SmartSlitters using advanced CAD software. Our Electronics Department develops the software for the PLCs (programmable logic controllers) that drive Enterprise, our automatic roll slitter. Enterprise's modular PLC design ensures extremely high reliability. In the unlikely event that a component fails, Enterprise's modularity keeps downtime lowówe'll ship you a replacement component, which you can just plug into Enterprise, and be immediately back in production.
Fabrication. When a SmartSlitter design is ready, the schematic is sent for cutting. The steel plates and parts comprising each SmartSlitter are cut by laser, ensuring consistent, high-precision cuts with tolerances of 0.003" (0.08mm). At the same time, all urethane and PVC parts are poured, extruded and injected from molds. When producing an Enterprise, the Electronics Department will begin building SmartControl (e.g., computer, circuit boards, control panel and wiring harness).
Pre-assembly. We next assemble the SmartSlitter's frame and parts. The frame is bolted and welded using a jig. All edges are ground and cleaned. The pre-assembled frame is then inspected by our Chief Engineer, and once certified, passed on to the next stage.
Powder-coating. The SmartSlitter is next sent for powder-coating. We give the frame a three-coat paint job: Black, then silver-speckle, and finally a clear-coat finish. Handles and levers are shot safety-yellow. Other parts are painted red for high-visibility. The powder-coat paint process we use produces a clean, durable finish.
Final assembly. The final stage of assembly involves installing the shafts, ExpansionRing, urethane parts, motors, pulleys, belts, PLC (for Enterprise), wiring harness, control panel, blade handle, legs, covers and panels.
Testing. With the SmartSlitter fully-assembled, we test it thoroughly. In addition to a detailed inspection by quality-assurance engineers, we run the machine through its paces: Installing and removing material, making multiple cuts, changing the blade, and double-checking cut tolerances. When we are convinced that the SmartSlitter meets our own high standards, we release it from Production.
Crating. Every SmartSlitter is carefully packed and crated. We custom manufacture our own plywood crates to perfectly fit the dimensions of each SmartSlitter. This ensures that every SmartSlitter arrives at its destination in the same state that it leaves our factory.
Shipping. Once crated, the SmartSlitter is sent to Shipping, where it begins its journey home.