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Cut costs. Save time. Buy Smart.

How quickly do SmartSlitters slit logs of material? How much time will a SmartSlitter save your company? How does owning your own SmartSlitter compare to other means of converting? Answer a few questions about your present material and labor costs, and we'll show you when your SmartSlitter will pay for itself, and how much money you will save every month thereafter.

Material cost
What does/would it cost you to purchase entire logs direct from the manufacturer?
US $ / log
Pre-cut premium
How much more expensive is your material if you purchase logs pre-cut from a distributor (instead of the manufacturer)?
more expensive
Average volume
How many logs of material do you typically go through in a month?
logs / month
Average length
How many yards of material come on a typical log? (This value is required for calculating manual labor costs, when applicable.)
Converting setup cost
If you out-source slitting to another company, how much are you charged for setup? (If you do not out-source slitting, you may leave these values as is.)
US $ / log
Converting cost
How much are you charged / cut?
US $ / cut
Converting shipping cost
What does it cost you to ship logs of material to and from your convertor?
US $ / log
Average number of cuts
How many cuts do you (or your converting company) typically make on a log of material?
/ log
Labor cost
How much do you pay your employee to process material manually? (Likewise, how much would you pay him to operate a SmartSlitter?)
US $ / hour
Please select a SmartSlitter model to compare to.


Buy logs of material from a distributor, already pre-cut to the widths you require.
Buy entire logs direct from the manufacturer, but pay another company to slit them into specified widths as needed.
Buy entire logs of material direct from the manufacturer and slit rolls manually using scissors and a long table. (This may be feasible for some materials, such as fabric and banner, but not others.)
Buy entire logs of material direct from the manufacturer and slit/convert them as needed in-house with your own SmartSlitter.
SmartSlitter cost
Material cost / month
Slitting time / log
Labor cost / log
Labor cost / month
Converting cost / month
Total operating cost / month
Amount you would save by investing in a SmartSlitter
At this rate, your SmartSlitter would pay for itself in...
Additional advantages of owning your own SmartSlitter • No need to wait on your distributor for custom-width material.
• No need to stock as many custom-width rolls. (Just slit master logs down anytime to whatever sizes you need.)
• Reduce administrative and shipping costs.
• Fulfill customer orders more quickly.
• Increase production capacity.
• Control quality more accurately.