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Converting services  20 Mar 2003
We are pleased to now offer professional roll-slitting and rewinding services to companies whose converting volume does not yet justify an equipment purchase. Visit for details.
Blade Sharpening  19 Feb 2003
We now offer professional-quality blade-sharpening to all our customers. Send us your dull slitter blades and we will sharpen and polish them, and ship them back to you the same day.
BladeLock  05 Feb 2003
We are pleased to introduce BladeLock, now standard on all Genesis and Super roll slitters. With BladeLock on, you can cut fabric and foam with superb results. For existing Genesis and Super customers, we also the BladeLock Upgrade Kit, which you can order from our online store.
New Equipment  08 Nov 2002
This week we're introducing a new line of automatic roll slitters called Enterprise. Enterprise represents four years of steady improvements in automatic roll slitter design, plus six months of research and development into PLC and LCD touchscreen interfaces. In addition, Enterprise incorporates numerous new safety features, such as safety-stop (when any cover is raised), Lexan guards, and 100% hands-free operation.
More, better information  05 Nov 2002
We've improved our web site with yet more pictures, videos (now in QuickTime and Windows Media Player formats), automatic slideshows, and simpler navigation.
Buy a Baby online  15 Oct 2002
In addition to parts and accessories, you can now purchase any of our Baby rewind slitters through our web store.
Web Store  01 Sep 2002
September 2002 marks the Grand Opening of our web store, where you can now buy replacement blades, core shafts and other accessories online with a credit card&mdashat 10% off standard pricing.
Video  20 Feb 2002
We've added several videos to show how our SmartSlitters work and what features set them apart from other slitters on the market.
More pictures  15 Jan 2002
We have added dozens of new SmartSlitters photos to a new section called "Photo Gallery", which you will find under each SmartSlitter series page: Baby, Genesis, Predator, Super and Millennium.
TwinCore  21 Dec 2001
We are proud to introduce this revolutionary new design to our line of SmartSlitters. TwinCore technology now allows you to change from a standard 3" (76mm) core shaft to a 2" (51mm) shaft in just a couple minutes. No longer will you need to rewind materials from one core to another before performing your cuts. This feature is immediately available on all Super and Genesis SmartSlitters.
Web Site v. 2.0  03 Dec 2001
Introducing our completely redesigned web site, with expanded product information, more pictures, simpler navigation, and features to help you get to know SmartSlitters more easily.
Our name has changed  01 Dec 2001
Starting January 1, 2002, Smart Design will operate under the name SmartSlitters International. We are pleased with our new name and believe it better describes what we do, and makes it easier for our customers to find our website.
Baby  22 Sep 2001
Introducing Baby, our most compact and affordable multi-blade rewind slitter.