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Introduction to Slitting.

Slitting is the process of cutting a roll (or log) of material into two or more narrower widths. Converting can mean the same, as well as rewinding a certain amount of material from a master roll onto a recovery roll. There are two distinct types of slitters: single-blade roll slitters and multi-blade rewind slitters, both of which we manufacture.

Roll slitters. Roll slitters, also called "log slitters" or "baloney slicers", use a single, large circular blade to cut all the way through a roll of material, which is typically on a 3" (7.62cm) paper or plastic core. As the operator brings the blade against the roll of material, which is rotating at 400-500rpm on the mandrel/shaft, the blade cuts through the material and core in just a few seconds. Genesis, Super and Enterprise are all examples of roll slitters (log slitters) and are ideal for cutting double-sided adhesive tape, self-adhesive tape, application tape, vinyl, rubber, gasket, foam, pvc and many other materials. Roll slitters have the following advantages over rewind slitters:
  • make single cuts very fast
  • easy to set up
  • quick to change logs
  • can cut adhesive material (WetBlade)
Multi-blade rewind slitters. Multi-blade rewind slitters slit material while rewinding it. The material is unwound from the master roll through one or more rollers before reaching the blades and then being rewound onto empty recovery cores. Baby is an affordable, tabletop rewind slitter, and is effective at cutting non-adhesive materials, such as vinyl, fabric, banner and awning material. In addition to cutting material, rewind slitters can be used simply for transferring a certain amount of material from one roll to anotheróBaby's rewind counter lets you measure off material as you rewind. Rewind slitters have the following advantages over roll slitters:
  • multiple cuts simultaneously
  • can rewind onto variable core sizes
  • can cut measured amount of material (rewind) from a master roll