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Small. With Baby, you don't need a lot of space or extra equipment to cut down material (say goodbye to long tables, scissors and utility knives). And Baby's space-saving design doesn't compromise its cutting ability either—even though it's a tabletop slitter, Baby accommodates rolls of material up to 74" (188cm) wide and 12" (30.5cm) in diameter. (Need a bigger Baby? Let us custom-design one for you.)

Simple. Baby is easy to operate. To install material, just slide it onto the main shaft. Then slide your empty recovery cores onto the SlipLock recovery shaft. (SlipLock is a patented SmartSlitter technology that simplifies the task of installing and securing empty recovery cores to one step: Just slide any 3-inch (7.62cm) diameter cardboard or plastic core onto the SlipLock shaft. You can freely rotate the empty cores on the SlipLock shaft in one direction, but not in the opposite direction—that is, the rewinding direction. In other words, when you begin turning the rewinding crank, thereby rewinding the material from the main shaft onto the SlipLock recovery shaft, the cores will instantly and securely lock in-place.) Installing blades is also easy: Simply place them along the cutting bar, and screw them into place. To cut and/or rewind material, just turn the handle until the counter reads the amount of material you want converted. Baby is also accurate: Its stationary, multi-blade design ensures that it cuts material precisely to the width you determine. (Note: For greater productivity, consider the Baby B1274M, our motorized, variable-speed Baby.)

Convenient. Having your own slitter/rewinder in-house means never again having to wait for special orders or material to be custom-cut elsewhere. In addition to saving time, Baby will also save you money: First, by allowing you to bulk-order rolls of material directly from the manufacturer (at a considerable cost-per-square-foot savings); second, by allowing you to reduce your own stock of special-width material. With Baby you can custom cut any width of material anytime, in just a few minutes.

Economical. Baby is very low maintenance—the only parts that eventually require replacing are the blades (available from SmartSlitters). Baby is the most affordable slitter we manufacture.

“I want to thank you for helping get our new slitter redirected to it's new home. Everyone at Smart-Slitters has been wonderful to work with in this matter and I will recommend Smart-Slitters highly to any who ask. Thanks again!!” — Katherine Macdonald, CEO, BondTech Industries, LLC