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Super versatile. With Super you can slit hundreds of different kinds of roll-stock materials, including self-adhesive vinyls, double-sided adhesive tape, pre-mask, reflective tapes, electrical tapes, magnetic material, banner and awning material.

Super functional. In addition to log-slitting, the Super log slitter also features rewinding capabilities. Rewinding allows you to transfer a precise amount of material from a master roll to a recovery roll. For example, you could take one 250-yard (230m) roll and convert it down to five smaller rolls of 50 yards (46m) each. And because this is Super, you can then just as easily core-slit the converted rolls into whatever widths you require.

Super user-friendly. The Super log slitter is a pleasure to operate. Thanks to its patented ExpansionRing design, installing and securing rolls of material onto the master core shaft takes only a few seconds. ExpansionRing also allows for minor discrepancies in 3" (76mm) core diameters. Installing and removing rolls of material is also made easy thanks to StrongArm, Super's end-of-shaft bearing assembly, which allows for quick access whenever you need to change rolls. When rewinding material, you will appreciate another patented SmartSlitter technology called SlipLock. SlipLock makes installing and securing recovery cores simple: Just slide any 3-inch (7.62cm) diameter cardboard or plastic core onto the recovery shaft—and that's it, you're ready to rewind. (With SlipLock, you can freely rotate the recovery cores in one direction, allowing you to easily position them anywhere along the SlipLock shaft. But as soon as Super starts rewinding—thereby rotating the SlipLock shaft in the opposition direction—the recovery cores will instantly and securely lock in place.)

Super powerful. Super's drive system consists of a 2HP, 3-phase Baldor motor, producing more than enough power to spin even 150lb-rolls at 500RPM. But power is nothing without control. That is why we have added a variable-speed frequency drive with forward/reverse and soft-start, allowing you to vary Super's speed when rewinding material. In addition to being powerful, the Baldor motors we use in Super are among the most reliable available, and contribute to Super's excellent reliability.

Super smooth. Like our other core SmartSlitters, the Super log slitter features a self-lubricating blade design called WetBlade. The benefit? You can make dozens of cuts on even highly-adhesive materials, and the blade will not gum up, seize or bind to the material. Super's smooth operation is also due to StrongArm, which supports and stabilizes the core shaft. Even when turning 150lb-rolls at 500RPM, Super's core shaft rotates smoothly and evenly, producing clean, true cuts every time. And as with all SmartSlitters, Super is solid: 3/16" (4.76mm) steel plates and tubing are welded together to form a uni-body frame, which is then powder-coated to produce a smooth, durable finish.

“Our Baby has saved us so much time . . . I don't know how we could do without it.” — Marsha, The Banner Shop