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More productive. Enterprise is simple to operate: A user-friendly LCD touch screen with simple menus guide you through all operations—from making a single cut to programming a series of cuts of variable widths. (See SmartControl for more information.) As with all our roll slitters, Enterprise features ExpansionRing, which make installing and securing rolls of material fast and easy. ExpansionRing also allows for minor discrepancies in your 3" (7.6cm) cores. Installing and removing rolls of material is also made easy thanks to StrongArm—the end-of-shaft bearing assembly that supports the material while it is being cut and allows for quick access whenever you need to change rolls. If you choose the Rewinder option, you will also appreciate SlipLock, which makes securing recovery cores fast and easy. Finally, Enterprise features a completely automatic, self-lubricating blade system called WetBladeAuto. A software-regulated pump automatically transfers KoolMist lubricant from your own container to WetBladeAuto's resevoir. There are two benefits: First, Enterprise can make thousands of cuts on even highly-adhesive materials, and the blade will not gum up, seize or bind to the material. Second, you don't need continually refill the WetBladeAuto resevoir as Enterprise is cutting, since Enterprise will draw from your own [large] container as needed.

More precise. Enterprise's high-speed Allen-Bradley PLC positions the sled with assistance of a high-resolution encoder. With every inch (25mm) of sled travel, Enterprise 'sees' 6400 discrete positions. This gives Enterprise a machine tolerance of less than 0.001", which will, combined with WetBladeAuto, yield consistently precise cuts.

More reliable. 100% modular electronics designed by Rockwell Automation (made in USA), give Enterprise military-class reliability.

More versatile. The Enterprise automatic roll slitter cuts the widest variety of roll-stock material. This is partly due to PowerBlade, a variable-speed, circular blade powered by a 2HP motor. With PowerBlade turned on, Enterprise will cleanly slit soft materials, such as foam, rubber, felt and many fabrics. If you choose the Rewinder option, you can transfer a precise amount of material from a jumbo log onto a recovery core.

Bigger. Enterprise can slit rolls of material between 3”-30” OD (depending on model).

Smarter. SmartControl, the software that controls Enterprise, has been upgraded to version 2.0. New features include: batch-slitting, estimated time-to-complete, 200 program slots, remote modem access (free software updates), and security PIN.

Faster. An Allen-Bradley PLC, three VFDs and Baldor motors spin the mandrel and blade, and drive the sled at up to 4” per second.

Stronger. Laser-cut plate steel (up to 3/8" thick) is welded to form a uni-body frame, yielding maximum rigidity and minimum vibration. Prior to final-assembly, the frame is powder-coated to produce a smooth, durable finish. Driving the core shaft and PowerBlade is a 2hp, 3-phase Baldor motor, controlled by an onboard PLC and VFD.

Safer. Last, but certain not least, Enterprise is safe, thanks to our experience building to OSHA standards. Enterprise features impact-resistant Lexan guards and covers—if any cover is raised, Enterprise will stop operating and pause your cutting program.

“We like how well our Genesis slitter is built. It cuts all the pressure-sensitive tapes we use.” — Steve Knittel, Tucson Tape and Supply